Mueller Prost, P.C.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how our project would have turned out without partnering with O’Toole Design.  We were moving into a new space and needed a complete refresh of our office look that would reflect who we are as a firm not only for today, but also as we move into the future.  O’Toole Design showed great creativity and patience with us, walking through all the steps involved in starting over from scratch.  Our space is beautiful and we get compliments on it all the time from clients, potential recruits, and other visitors that come to our headquarters.   It was a true partnership from beginning to end.”

-Gayla Hannon, CPA, Chief Administrative Officer, Mueller Prost

Making a move from a very traditional office space where offices lined the perimeter of the space, Mueller Prost took the opportunity to improve the workplace and give the benefit of daylight to all of their employees.

The new design provides interior offices around the core of the building with full glass fronts and sliding wood and glass doors while lower paneled workstations with glass tops are located along the perimeter to allow daylight to penetrate to the majority of the associates and encourage connection and collaboration among the employees.

The front lobby includes a sophisticated and classic palette and provides multiple conference rooms so it is easy to meet with clients and provide privacy and security for the employee work space.

Throughout the workspace, the corporate colors are used in the design to reflect the company’s brand.

size  12,000 sf

location  Clayton, MO

category  Workplace