Solae Global Headquarters

Working with the architecture firm, O’Toole developed the interior design and furnishings layout for this global company. The client wanted to maximize the real estate with an open collaborative work environment, smaller footprint workspaces and smaller glass front offices. The designers worked alongside the clients associates to develop a new 8x8 standard footprint workstation that allowed for more work surface and storage, while also allowing the workstation occupant to face visitors as they approached – an issue that had plagued the office for a while.

  • Workstations utilize lower panel walls to allow daylight to penetrate into the workspace and encourage collaboration
  • Bright and light color palette is refreshing and alive
  • Flexible, comfortable and inviting meeting room furniture
  • Four story high sculpture artfully displaying the many patents that Solae owns

size  157,800 sf

location  St. Louis, MO

category  Workplace